Finding the best Buyer Agent for YOU – 7 Questions

How do you find the best buyer agent for you? We recently wrote about what to look for in a buyer agent. We highlighted the qualifications that ALL BUYERS need in a buyer agent – whether they know it or not! Now we’ll go a step further, and show you how to sort through the good buyer agents to find the one who is the best buyer agent FOR YOU.

The key is – of course – FIT. In addition to being a highly qualified buyer agent, you’ll want to know how an agent fits your personal needs; how will it be for YOU to work with the agent. Below are seven fit-related questions that need to be answered. Some will help you clarify your preferences…what special qualities should your ideal agent have. Other questions need to be answered by the agent.

Buyer Agent – 5 Things to Look For

How should you screen Buyer Agent leads to make sure you get a good Buyer Agent? Here are five things you should look for before you even start to consider whether the agent is a good fit for you.

Bad Home Inspection Report. Now What?

After all the effort to choose a property, the Home Inspection Report is bad! You researched agents, and looked at houses. Then you analyzed, and evaluated, and deliberated. You asked for input from friends and family. And maybe you pulled out some of your hair. You finally made the decision to go for it, and then you suffered through agonizing negotiations. But, after all that, the home inspection report is bad! Now what do you do? Don’t panic! Here are step-by-step guidelines for dealing with this new challenge.