Buyer Agent – 5 Things to Look For

How should you screen Buyer Agent leads to make sure you get a good Buyer Agent? Here are five things you should look for before you even start to consider whether the agent is a good fit for you.


There is nothing like a brand-new home. A home never lived in by another human being. Shiny. Up to date. Fully equipped and gadgetized. Charm and history are fine for other people, but they are not for you! You would sooner buy a used car than a used home. So, let’s look at all the benefits of new construction, as well as the pitfalls and how you can try to deal with them.

BUYER AGENCY AGREEMENTS (Massachusetts) – To Sign or Not To Sign?

Why is there so much paperwork involved in buying a property? Sometimes, it seems that buyers look at more documents than homes. There are things you need to sign before you even see a single property. And that’s just the beginning of a steady stream of documents that need your signature before the closing is over. It’s no coincidence that people fondly refer to the closing as “passing papers”. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. At the very beginning of the process you have to decide how to work with the Great Buyer Agent you’ve found and whether to formalize that decision in writing…in a Buyer Agency Agreement.

BUYER AGENT – How to Find a Great One

There are many ways to find buyer agent leads: troll open houses, ask your network for referrals, search on-line real estate software (Zillow, Yelp, Trulia, Google, etc. LINKS)…the possibilities are almost endless. But there is only one way to find a GREAT buyer agent – by carefully interviewing and researching the agent leads you gather. Good buyer agents should be willing to meet with you to discuss their services and your needs before you look at property together. Here are FOUR things to ensure that you will not only select a GREAT buyers agent, but also the BEST buyer agent for your personal needs!