Selling a home is often a delicate dance between buying a new home and selling the old one in a way that doesn’t strap the family financially. Then, there’s the seemingly impossible but very important balancing act where you must live in a home while making it look like a home full of showroom style. To make this happen, you’ll want to look at staging.

First, a little financial investment here can go a long way to getting you the price point you’re looking for in selling your home. Repairing holes, painting over scuff marks, applying fresh caulking, and investing in good, effective cleaning materials are some simple starts. Ask some questions: should a room be repainted, do we need new flooring, what can we do to add to the overall aesthetic appeal?

Second, work on the staging aspect. Since you need to pack up anyway, you can use this process to help give your home that spacious, airy feel that home buyers are looking for. One of the first things that should be packed up are items that ‘personalize’ your home. You want your potential buyer to visualize the home as theirs, and that’s hard to do when they’re staring at your knickknacks and family photographs. You also want to be strategic with what furniture you leave in each room.

Lastly, remember the basics. There are a few aspects that need attention no matter what room we’re talking about. It goes without saying that your home should be sparkling clean. The words clean, neat, spacious, and well-lit should be on your mental checklist for every room. These are the things you want running through the mind of prospective buyers as they move through the house.
Let’s break down some different areas.

🏡 Curb Appeal

The truth is, we judge on first appearances whether we mean to or not. Someone driving up to your home may never even leave their car if your house looks untidy and unwelcoming from the street. This is called curb appeal. Here you might invest in a power washer to clean your siding, driveway, and walkway. Colorful flowers, new mulch or decorative rock, and a new doormat can do wonders.

🍽 Kitchen and Dining

Keep in mind, kitchens sell homes. Buyers like counter space and feeling like there’s plenty of storage. Try to keep personal appliances put away and maybe add a simple, colorful touch like a small bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit. Whether the table is in the kitchen or in a dining area, it should be kept simple and cozy. If your table has a leaf, take it out and set no more than 4 chairs around it. That will give it a more spacious feel. If you want to stage the table with a setting, make sure it’s a matching set. Otherwise, an elegant centerpiece or runner can give off the right vibe.

🛏 Bedrooms

In the master bedroom, remember to keep a neutral tone so the space appeals equally to both genders. Beds should always be made; curtains should always be open. Go seasonal and pack as much of your clothing and accessories as you can. All bedrooms should feel comfortable and spacious, and the floors and walls should be free of clutter. If possible, consider staging one as an office, adding more functionality to it.

🛁 Bathrooms

This area will probably need most of your daily attention to keep it show-worthy and beautiful. Bathrooms should feel luxurious and spa-like. A great investment here: plush new towels to use for display. Also, if possible, try to keep personal toiletries put away.

🚪 Living Room

There’s strategy here with what furniture you keep for staging and how you place it. If there’s a focal point in the room, such as a fireplace, the placing of your furniture should showcase that. Small, homey touches like a soft blanket over a chair can give an inviting feel. Shelves and surfaces should be neat and dust free.

🏠 Keeping Things Show Ready

Figure out a time in your schedule in the evening before bed or in the morning to regularly go through each room and make sure all is in order. Remember your mental checklist: clean, neat, spacious, and well-lit. If you’re seeing these things, your potential buyers will too. Your goal is for someone to fall in love with your home. You’re out to woo your buyers by engaging their senses

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