Suffolk County is one of the top five most populated counties in Massachusetts. Home to the city of Boston, Suffolk County boasts high ranking education systems, many varied opportunities to appreciate art, history, and culture, and a healthy, vibrant night life. The city of Boston is not the only highlight of Suffolk County. There are myriad places to learn, eat, see, and explore. Despite the often-cooler temperatures, the county is warm and welcoming. Each year, several festivals and parades are held in different locations throughout the county. With everything from wine festivals, to the holiday parades, the fun doesn’t stop in Suffolk County!

Homes for Sale in Suffolk County

Suffolk County Schools

In Suffolk County, the average number of post high school degrees, including 2- and 4- year degrees, is well above the national average. With a lower-than-average child-to-teacher ratio, the education system can provide more individualized attention to each child, resulting in an exceptionally high graduation rate. By spending over $20,000 per child, per year, Suffolk County invests almost twice the national average on the upcoming generations. There is an excellent mix of both public and private schooling options, with several charter schools available. In addition to elementary, middle, and high schools, there are several well-known undergraduate and post-graduate options.

Suffolk County Recreation & Parks

Suffolk County affords many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. From the extensive hiking trails, to the gorgeous public parks, nature lovers of all ages will appreciate the places to run, walk, swim, and fish! In addition to the many places to play outside, Suffolk County offers museums and historical sites for those who are looking to learn a little more about the history of their new home. Of course, nothing can top a Red Sox baseball game at historic Fenway Park in Boston!

Suffolk County Weather

With its blustery winters and average January temperatures of 20 degrees, Suffolk County weather is not for the faint of heart. The typical rainfall and snowfall amounts are above the national averages in the rest of the United States, but Suffolk County receives almost twice the national average for snowfall amounts! On average, 51 inches of snow falls each year. However, Suffolk County does not see extremely high temperatures like other areas of the nation. An average temperature for the summer is about 80 degrees.

Suffolk County Real Estate

More than half of the real estate market in Suffolk County is made up of renters. Renting continues to be more and more popular, despite rental costs being significantly higher in this area. The median home price is approximately $449,000, and appraised home values have been rising in the last ten years. The homes tend to be a little on the older side, but those interested in old-time charm will find that Suffolk County is perfect! Almost half of the population is between the ages of 25 and 54 years old. From the Just-Getting-Started, to the Getting-Settled-In, Suffolk County is an ideal location for all ages and walks of life.

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